Breeding Pays Futurity Class Specs


Breeding Pays Futurity Class Specs

All 2 year old Purebred Arabians are eligible to enroll.  Both professionals and amateurs are encouraged to show.  For complete rules, deadlines and information on eligibility, please visit If you have questions, please email

This is a two part entry; 

  1. To participate in the Breeding Pays Futurities, the owner or agent MUST complete the Breeding Pays Futurity form will full payment to the Breeding Pays Futurity.
  2. Exhibitors MUST also fill out and enter the show on the official AHA entry form. This includes paying all U.S. Nationals fees, including a separate class entry fee and any post fees that might apply.

Judged with the Arabian Breeders World Cup Scoring System in Preliminaries and MOS comparatively in Finals.

Preliminaries –

CLASS CONDUCT – Classes will be judged by five judges – Arabian Breeders World Cup Scoring System (Exit-the-ring procedure):

(a)        All horses to be shown individually.

(b)        The horses shall be exhibited in chronological age order from oldest to youngest.

(c)        Each entry shall be exhibited and evaluated individually. Horse to enter ring at a trot around the entire circumference of the ring.

(d)        Following the trot, each entry shall walk to center ring, past the judges and to the rail.  At the rail, the horses will return to the center of the ring/presentation area, as directed by the ring steward.

(e)        Each entry will then be exhibited as a halter horse within the center of designated presentation area. Horse to be presented for evaluation by judging panel in a controlled, yet uninhibited and/or intimidated manner. Horse shall stand squarely on all four legs and shall be shown with natural elegance and professionalism. Excessive use of the whip and/or horses that appear intimidated or fearful of the handler WILL BE penalized by the Judging Panel, and may result in expulsion from the ring.

(f)         Horse and handler to be excused from the ring at the formal request of the ring steward. Horses are to exit ring at either a controlled walk or trot towards the Entry/Exit. Handlers are requested to use extreme caution when exiting as to not inhibit the performance of any successive entry.

(g)        Only one handler per horse is permitted in the ring at any one time. Handlers may present more than one horse per class.  

(h)        Handlers will be neatly dressed. Handlers may not wear any articles of clothing carrying any form of advertising which discloses the identification/connection of the horse they are handling or the farm, training stable or corporate sponsor represented.

(i)         Judges are required to judge exhibits standing, walking, and trotting.

(j)         Horses which appear late and miss their entry position will be excluded from the class.

(k)        Unruly horses may be ordered to withdraw at the discretion of the judge(s). Horse becoming loose a second time will be disqualified.

(l)         These classes will be recognized by the USEF but are not rated classes. As non-rated classes, they will not earn USEF points towards end of the year awards.

(m)       Individual scores will be awarded by each officiating judge using the Arabian Breeders World Cup Scoring System™. A score of 10-20 will be awarded for each entry in the following six categories:(1) Type, (2) Head, (3) Neck & Shoulders, (4) Body & Topline, (5) Feet & Legs, and (6) Movement.  The high and low score of each attribute will be dropped.  Only total score to be announced following each horse presentation.

(n)        After all horses are judged, the Top Twelve scoring horses will be announced, in numerical order and will progress to the Final class.

Finals –

CLASS CONDUCT – Classes will be judged by three judges – MOS Scoring System

(a)           Horses will enter the ring individually at a trot.  Judges will be instructed to judge the movement of the horses at this time. 

(b)           Handlers are eligible to show only one horse in the finals.  If a handler qualifies more than one horse for the finals, a substitute handler will be allowed. 

(c)           Once all are entered, horses will be asked to walk and reverse on the rail. 

(d)           As individual horses are directed, they will walk to the center of the ring and stand up at the direction of the judges or ringmaster. 

(e)           The horses will then be dismissed and return to line up on rail.  Judges will be instructed not to judge movement after stand up.

(f)            Once all horses are judged individually and have returned to the rail, they will be asked to stand their horses up in place for one last inspection by the judges. 

(g)           Once all judges’ cards are submitted, everyone will relax their horses.

(h)           Each judge will have his/her card announced.

(i)            The Top 3 highest scoring amateurs will be announced and presented their awards.

(j)            The Top Ten will be announced and presented their awards (4th -10th awarded)

(k)           Bronze Champion, then Silver Champion, then Gold Champion will be announced and presented each of their awards individually.

Top 3 highest ranked amateurs in finals class will be awarded: 

Top highest $15,000

 Second highest $10,000

Third highest $5,000

 In order for an amateur to be eligible for amateur prize money, the amateur must show the same horse in the preliminaries and finals.   All monies to amateurs will be split equally between the current owner and the breeder for each of the filly and colt/gelding classes.

Gold, Silver and Bronze Champions and Top Ten will be awarded with an estimated payout for 2022 of $100,000 to be split equally between the current owner and the breeder for each of the filly and colt/gelding classes. 

Payout will be paid as follows:

Gold Champion – $35,000

Silver Champion – $20,000

Bronze Champion – $10,000,

4th–10th – Top Ten – $5000 each.

In order to receive the prize money pay outs, horses must compete and be judged in the Finals.  The winning horse owners must send the Breeding Pays Futurity a completed W9 form within sixty days of the completion of the show. If the W9 form is not received within that time, no pay out will be issued.